Emmett Badar

MayorNumbered District Map ImageEmmett Badar
Elected 3/07
Re-elected 3/11, 3/15, 3/20, 06/22, 3/24
Term Expires 6/26
Email:  ebadar@sandimasca.gov

Emmett Badar was elected to the City Council in 2007 and reelected in all subsequent elections. He served on the Planning Commission from 1993 until his election to the City Council in 2007, serving as Chairman for two years.  Emmett Badar represents the City of San Dimas as a delegate to the California League of Cities and the California Contract Cities Association. 

Emmett Badar is also appointed to positions which make decisions that affect not only San Dimas, but our neighboring communities.  He serves as the City’s delegate to the Pomona Valley Transportation Authority which offers transportation programs for San Dimas, including Pomona Valley Get About program for seniors and disabled, and San Dimas Dial-a-Cab. Also, Emmett Badar serves as a delegate to the Foothill Transit Zone Joint Powers Authority, which includes representatives of 21 cities of the eastern San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys. In 2008, Emmett Badar was appointed to the San Dimas Community Hospital Board of Directors.

Emmett Badar and his wife, Pam, have lived in San Dimas since 1985.  He is the father of Robert, Brianna, and Janell.  He is a retired Detective Supervisor, having served in law enforcement for 35 years.

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