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The City of San Dimas is currently undertaking the preparation of a new Housing Element in accordance with State law. The Housing Element is one of the required elements within the City’s General Plan, along with the land use, transportation, conservation, noise, open space, and safety elements. The General Plan guides future growth and development within the City of San Dimas. The next Housing Element cycle will guide housing policy and housing programs for the next 8 years, from 2021-2029. The Housing Element must be approved by the City Council and submitted to the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) by October 2021 in compliance with state law.

The purpose of the Housing Element Update Committee is to ensure public participation and stakeholder input regarding the update to the Housing Element early in the process, provide feedback to City Staff and the Housing Consultant and make recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council. Committee members are not required to have experience in housing or a related field.

The expected time commitment for committee members would be attendance at monthly meetings from September 2020 – June 2021. Meetings are expected to primarily be held on weekdays (Monday-Thursday) in the evenings from 6 pm – 8 pm. Virtual meetings will be utilized until public health agencies indicate social distancing is no longer necessary.  

If you are interested in serving on the Housing Element Update Committee, please submit an application to the Planning Department for consideration by August 21. Applications can be accessed HERE and emailed to or dropped off at the Planning Department in City Hall. If you are not selected for the housing Element Subcommittee, we still encourage you to participate in the public outreach sessions which the City will be conducting as part of the Housing Element process. Please check the City website for meeting dates and times.

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