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On September 24, 2019, the City Council adopted Urgency Ordinance No. 1272, implementing a temporary moratorium on the establishment of all uses, expansion of existing uses, and development or modification of new or existing structures in Specific Plan No. 23 Planning Area.  The Moratorium (Ord. No. 1272 & Ord. No. 1273) was extended an additional 10 months and 15 days, on October 22, 2019, and will now expire on September 6, 2020. The Moratorium is the result of several of the following factors:


  1. Close proximity to the future Gold Line Transit Station.
  2. The properties within Specific Plan No. 23 are adjacent to the Gold Line Extension right-of-way.
  3. Development pressures, including a recently received preliminary site plan application from an applicant wishing to establish a new warehouse distribution use.
  4. Permitted by-right uses allowed by Specific Plan No. 23 may not be currently compatible with the existing residential uses in the neighborhood.

The following Work Program has been developed to guide staff and the public in the process. The work program is broken into the following three phases:

Phase 1 – Community Outreach

Phase 2 – Analyze feedback, identification of issues or alternatives

Phase 3 – Develop and adopt regulations through the Public Hearing process

With the input received from the community, City Council and the Planning Commission, City staff will develop a comprehensive set of allowable and conditionally permitted uses, development standards and design standards/guidelines for Specific Plan No. 23.

See Survey Results HERE.

For more information, please contact Marco A. Espinoza, Senior Planner at (909) 394-6259 or at

Code Section: Chapter 18.538, Specific Plan No. 23

Code Section: Chapter 18.128, Industrial Zones (SP No. 23 references Chapter 18.128)

Meeting Dates/Notices:

Aerial Maps of Specific Plan No. 23, Area I & II

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Aerial Maps of Subject Sites: