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San Dimas Compensation Reports & Compensation Resolution

Government Code section 53891 requires cities, counties, and independent special districts to submit completed compensation reports to the State Controller’s Office.

In 2015, Assembly Bill 341 was signed by the Governor and amends Government Code (GC) section 53891 affecting the Government Compensation in California due dates. GC section 53891 requires completed reports to be submitted to the State Controller’s Office (SCO) for the previous calendar year no later than April 30th.

Effective June 18th, 2017 the City of San Dimas adopted an employee compensation resolution that amended the previous years’ salary resolution.

Below are links to the latest adopted employee compensation resolution and the links to the most recent compensation reports that were submitted to the State Controllers Office.

Employee Compensation Resolution

2018 Calendar Year Compensation Report

2017 Calendar Year Compensation Report

2016 Calendar Year Compensation Report

2015 Calendar Year Compensation Report

2014 Calendar Year Compensation Report

2013-Calendar Year Compensation Report