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RV Parking

Since 1961, the City of San Dimas has prohibited the parking of recreational vehicles, including all types of trailers, in the front yard driveway. The ordinances are summarized below:

  • Must be parked in rear or side yard behind house building line. (Refer to San Dimas Municipal Code 18.156.100.B.2.f for property guidelines).
  • Must be parked on a 3 1/2″ thick concrete surface.
  • Must not block access to vehicle parking in a garage.



Violators will be issued an Administrative Citation. The penalty for parking an RV in the front yard driveway without a permit is $100 for the first violation, $200 for the second violation, and $500 for the third violation and each additional violation thereafter.


RV Overnight Parking Permit – Frontyard Driveway

Click HERE to be re-directed to our online permit system to obtain a 48 hour RV Parking Permit for Frontyard Driveway.

This is a FREE permit that is valid for a period of 48 hours for the purpose of loading and unloading. This permit is required any time an RV is to be parked in the front yard driveway at ANY time of day for ANY length of time. This temporary permit must be displayed on RV in plain sight.

For further assistance, please contact the Planning Division at (909) 394-6250.

For a complete list of RV’s and trailers that require a permit, click HERE.

How to Apply

Please visit our Online Permit System to obtain a FREE 48 hour Temporary Front Yard Driveway RV Parking Permit.  Click HERE.

If you do not have access a computer, you may also obtain this permit at City Hall by visiting the Planning Division during regular business hours.

This permit is NOT available from parking permit machines.

RV Overnight Parking Permit – Street

Overnight parking of RV’s on the street is allowed for up to 3 days maximum to accommodate loading and unloading with a valid Temporary Overnight Permit.

Temporary Overnight Parking Permits may be purchased for $2 per night, either online or from a self-service machine.  Click HERE to purchase permits online.

*RV’s/Trailers must be attached to a vehicle at all times.

Temporary permit machine locations:

San Dimas Sheriff Station
270 South Walnut Ave.
San Dimas, CA  91773

Century 21 Citrus Realty
1100 Via Verde Ave.
San Dimas, CA  91773

Disabled Persons

Disabled persons with a valid DMV placard or plate may apply for a Reasonable Accommodation Request to park a motorized RV in their front yard driveway. Applying is free! You will need to provide a copy of your DMV RV Registration and a copy of your DMV Disabled Person Registration. Click HERE for more information