Eric Nakano

Mayor Pro Tem - District 2Numbered District Map ImageEric Nakano - Copy (2)
Elected 06/22
Term Expires 6/26

Eric Nakano was born in San Dimas and spent his entire childhood in the city. His parents moved to San Dimas in the 1970s after being drawn to the city's pioneering character, excellent public schools, and community spirit. Eric learned to swim at the San Dimas Recreation Center, attended summer camp at San Dimas Canyon, played sports at Kare Youth League, and served in a local boy scout troop.
After high school, Eric earned his B.A. in political science and public policy from George Washington University and two Master's degrees (MPP and an MBA) from Duke University.

Eric served in various public and private organizations throughout his career, including the AFL-CIO and Development Department at UCLA. At the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, Eric advised government officials on supporting underachieving schools during a budget crisis. He has advised leaders at several well-known tech companies on their global growth and talent retention strategies. Currently, Eric serves as Vice President at Rakuten, a digital advertising company. 

Eric returned home to San Dimas in 2016, after his mom was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. He juggled working and caring for his mom until she passed away in 2018. He now takes care of his sister who has special needs. These experiences reignited his desire to help others and return to a life of service. Eric ran for San Dimas City Council in June 2022 on a platform of improving San Dimas' downtown, fixing the city's finances, prioritizing public safety, and unifying the community. Voters elected him with nearly 75% of the vote.
Eric was sworn into office in July 2022 for a four-year term. He looks forward to working with the Mayor, City Council Members, and city staff to tackle the city's most pressing issues and continue making San Dimas an excellent place to live, work, and grow.

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