Citrus Tree Quarantine

Citrus Pest & Disease Information - Huanglongbing Quarantine

According to the California Department of Food and Agriculture, Los Angeles has confirmed cases of a disease impacting citrus trees Asian Citrus Psyllid and Huanglongbing in California (  The disease is called Huanglongbing (HLB) and is not a threat to people or animals. 

To limit the spread of the deadly citrus plant disease, a citrus quarantine has been placed into effect in Los Angeles County, including San Dimas.  As such, you may not:

  • Move citrus plant material out of HLB quarantine boundaries. Host material includes all plant parts, including stems and leaves.
  • If fruit is free of all stems and leaves and washed thoroughly, residents may share their backyard harvest inside of the HLB quarantine area in small quantities. Different rules apply to commercial growers, fruit sellers, and vendors. Contact your local California Department of Food and Agriculture or county agricultural commissioner’s office for details.
  • Move equipment such as pruning tools used to harvest citrus plant material out of an HLB quarantine.
    Purchase a citrus tree not grown in an approved ACP-resistant structure. Retailers and nurseries without ACP-resistant structures within the HLB quarantine area are prohibited from selling citrus in these areas.  

If you suspect your tree is infected with HLB, act fast.  Call the free statewide pest hotline at 800-491-1899 to speak to an expert.  For other inquiries, use the online contact form.