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Although California has been declared out of the statewide emergency drought, we still have unpredictable rain.  We receive sporadic rain that is increasingly more concentrated. These rain events may bring flash floods in the foothills which cause more damage than a steady rain flow that usually occurs in the winter.  The rainy season in Southern California is generally regarded from October 1 through April 15 of the following year.

In an effort to prepare for the seasonal rain property owners are encouraged to check the drainage devices such as concrete bench drains, swales, channels, and natural stream beds on their properties to ensure that they are cleared of all debris and plant overgrowth that may obstruct rainwater flow. The City of San Dimas has a number of rolling hillside areas, and proper drainage of these hillside areas is necessary to minimize the risk of flooding, hillside erosion, and landslides.

Sandbags are very useful in diverting water, protecting slopes and structures, and assisting in erosion control. As mentioned above, sometimes we are unable to be prepared before a storm but we can prepare for the regarded rainy season. Sand piles will be available for residents beginning on Tuesday, October 1st in the parking lot at the San Dimas City Yard – 301 South Walnut Avenue. Bring a shovel and fill a few bags to keep for a rainy day.

As a reminder, disposal of anything, other than rainwater, into the storm drain system is a violation of the San Dimas Municipal Code and the Federal Clean Water Act as this water drains to our local water bodies and ultimately the ocean.  If you observe any illegal disposal in drainage swales, catch basins, or on the street, please contact the Public Works Department at (909) 394-6240.

Thank you for doing your part to keep your home and our community safe.