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Public Safety

Sheriff’s Department 

Law enforcement services are provided to the City of San Dimas by contract with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. As a part of that service, the Sheriff’s Department maintains a station here in San Dimas, located at 270. S. Walnut Avenue. The San Dimas Station is the central location for 12 Patrol Deputies, 2 Motorcycle Deputies, 1 CAT Team Leader, 2 Special Assignment Officers (CAT Team), 1 Team Sergeant, 2 Community Service Officers, 1 Law Enforcement Technician (Crime Prevention Officer) and 1 School Resource Officer.

For non-emergency calls, the station may be reached at (909) 450-2700.
For emergency calls only, dial 911.

For further information on the services of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in San Dimas, visit the San Dimas Sheriff’s website.

Fire Department

Fire services in the City of San Dimas are provided by the Los Angeles County Fire Department.   The Department provides full fire protection services including air and wildland fire support, emergency medical, and fire prevention. The Department also has countywide resources that may be called upon if needed.

You may contact the San Dimas Fire Stations at the following:

Station #64
164 S. Walnut Avenue
San Dimas, CA 91773
(909) 599-6727

Station #141
1124 W. Puente
San Dimas, CA 91773
(909) 599-7117

For emergency calls only, dial 911. 


Reminder to residents:  Fireworks and trash burning are not allowed in the City of San Dimas