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Public Safety Commission

The Public Safety Commission is composed of twelve members appointed on the basis of three affirmative votes of members of the City Council, based upon nominations from members of the City Council. Each member will be appointed to a two-year term. Commissioners must be residents of the City of San Dimas.

Commissioners do not receive any compensation or stipend for serving on the Commission or attending meetings. By Council policy a Commissioner may not serve concurrently on more than one Commission or Board. City Councilmembers may not serve as members of the Commission.


1. To advise the City Council on matters relating to law enforcement including but not limited to, policing, crime prevention and emergency services.

2. To represent the views of the citizenry relating to law enforcement plans, programs, and future needs.

3. To consult with professional staff in the development of law enforcement programs.

4. To enlist community interest in, and support for, the City’s law enforcement programs.

5. To work with citizens, elected and appointed officials, and professional staff to support the work of law enforcement, crime prevention and emergency services officers and deputies.

Desirable Qualifications

1. Willingness to give due attention to learning about law enforcement services as they affect the welfare of the people of San Dimas.

2. Ability to interpret law enforcement services to the community, and to interpret the community to professional law enforcement personnel.

3. Willingness to work with others regarding public safety matters. Willingness to work toward consensus in commission activities and discussions.

4. Ability to develop and maintain harmonious working relationships with other committee members, the City Council, the Sheriff’s Department, the public, the school district, service organizations and other community groups.

5. Willingness to attend committee meetings, including quarterly law enforcement breakfasts. Three unexcused absences in one year may result in dismissal from the Commission.

Generally meets on the third Tuesday evening of every odd-numbered month at 5:30 P.M. (unless otherwise announced and publicly noticed) in the City Council Chambers Conference Room San Dimas City Hall at 245 East Bonita Avenue.