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Open Space

Within the City limits are two County regional parks, Bonelli Park (1650 acres) and San Dimas Canyon Park (130 acres). Open space in San Dimas is evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Preservation of natural areas, wildlife habitat, wetlands, agriculture, and visual corridors.
  • Linkages and trails, access to public lakes, streams and other usable open space lands, stream corridors and scenic corridors along existing highways.
  • Conservation of natural resources including, but not limited to, forest lands, rangelands, agricultural lands, aquifer recharge areas, and surface water.
  • District parks devoted to low-impact recreational uses.
  • Implementing greenways and open space policies or strategies.

Open space contributes to the quality of life in the city by providing a buffer between urban and less developed areas, enhancing property values, and adding to the enjoyment of the commercial or high-density residential areas.


Walnut Creek Habitat and Open Space Project

Initial study, MND, and appendices.

Update – February 13, 2020
As part of Phase 1, holes are currently being dug in preparation for planting in the near future. In addition, irrigation line installation is underway and anticipated to be complete by the end of next week.

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