San Dimas Business Owners: Gold Line Update

gold-lineSchedule Change for Crossing Closures

Eucla Avenue crossing will be closed starting March 1st running through potentially August. This has shifted the closure of Bonita/Cataract further out. New closure dates have not yet been confirmed. Please expect a minimum 6 month delay.

The Gold Line is currently working with the contractor to reduce the length of time Bonita Avenue will be closed.

San Dimas Ave at Commercial

New traffic signal is almost complete. The signal poles are installed. Estimate the signal should be operational in the first part of March.

San Dimas Ave at Bonita Ave

Installation of the new traffic signal poles has begun.
The intersection will be widened.
Intersection of Bonita/Cataract

Vacant property at the south side of Bonita west of Cataract:

  • Tree removal complete
  • The contractor will begin installing street improvements

Tree removal in the Bonita median(east and west of Cataract)

Tree removal at the northeast corner (within the City right of way)

The Gold Line is working to keep Bonita Ave. open for as ling as possible. Bonita Ave street work will be done is phases in order to maintain traffic.

If you have any questions, please contact either the Gold Line Authority at :  or contact the City of San Dimas at or (909) 394-6240.