Reminder - Please Leash and Pick Up After Your Pet

Despite this week's forecast... warmer weather will be heading our way as we move through Spring and into Summer! We are looking forward to residents and visitors enjoying our parks and trails again soon!

A reminder to pet owners that dogs must be leashed in public, and are not allowed to run loose in public parks. Residents who would like to allow their dog to run off leash may do so at the San Dimas Dog Park which is set to reopen April 10, weather permitting.

It is a violation of San Dimas Municipal Code 6.12.030 to have dogs unleashed. All dogs must be on a leash and the owner must be in control of their dogs at all times.

The goal is to keep our furry friends and citizens as safe as possible when we are all outdoors enjoying the trails, parks and open space that San Dimas has to offer.

We would also like to remind our community that it is ALWAYS best practice to report loose and aggressive animals to the San Dimas Sheriff Station rather than try to approach them or contain them yourself. The Inland Valley Humane Society also offers online resources regarding animal behavior, pet training, leash laws and more.

Leash Your Pet - Copy