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Measure SD – FAQs

San Dimas is a vibrant and progressive community, with a City leadership dedicated to continuous development and improvement to strengthen our community for generations to come.

What is Measure SD?

The measure is a local sales tax of 0.75%, which would take the City’s sales tax from the current rate of 9.5% to 10.25%. If a majority of San Dimas voters approve the measure in March 2020, it is estimated that this could generate approximately $4.7 million annually to support the preservation of our public safety and other neighborhood and public services.

What is the intent of the Measure?

Like many cities in LA County, San Dimas is facing funding challenges. Revenue for the City remains flat while expenses continue to rise. This includes the public safety services from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, needed capital improvement projects, rising pension and insurance costs, minimum wage increases and new equipment and technology.

How will revenue generated by the measure be used in the community?

If passed by a majority of San Dimas voters, money generated from the measure would go to the City’s general fund, available to be used locally for a variety of essential services:

  • Public safety services and neighborhood patrols
  • School safety programs and crossing guards
  • Wildfire preparation
  • Preserve senior, youth and after-school services including meal programs for low-income seniors and summer programs for kids.
  • Preserve parks and open spaces
  • Repair potholes, aging streets, and other infrastructure

How can we be sure that funds generated by this measure are spent responsibly in San Dimas?

The City of San Dimas has a proven record of fiscal responsibility, and this measure includes strict accountability requirements including public disclosure of all spending and annual independent financial audits that ensure funds are used transparently and effectively.

Are other local communities exploring adopting similar measures?

Yes, our neighboring cities and others throughout LA County, such as Pomona, Glendora, and Monrovia, have taken almost identical steps to safeguard their ability to provide high-quality services to their communities through an increased sales tax. Many more are considering similar ballot measures this March, including Alhambra and Duarte.

What would be the effect on San Dimas if the measure is not passed?

Without additional revenue, the City may have to reduce public services, delay repairs for parks, facilities, streets and potholes, reduce park and recreational services for seniors and children’s afterschool programming, among other budget cuts. San Dimas forecasts a structural deficit in the next fiscal year if the measure does not pass and a drawdown of reserves by 2030.

Where are our sales tax dollars going now?

The current sales tax in San Dimas is 9.5%, of which only 1% is under local control. The remainder goes to the State and County. Of the last two county sales tax increases passed since 2016, just approximately 11 cents on the dollar is being returned to our city. All funds raised by this measure stay under city control, available for the essential local services you rely on.

What purchases are impacted by a sales tax increase?

In California, sales tax is collected on retail transactions of prepared food and tangible personal property items including furniture, toys, clothing, etc. If approved, the measure will not apply to groceries, rent, mortgages, utilities, prescription medicine, or personal services, such as medical and dental services. This means some of the funding for this measure will be paid by people who do not live here in San Dimas but come here to shop at our Costco, Target and other stores so that they can contribute to maintaining our local roads and keeping our community safe.

If passed, when will Measure SD take effect?

If passed by the majority of voters on March 3, 2020, the sales tax will go into effect on approximately July 1, 2020.

Where can I get more information?

The City of San Dimas is dedicated to preserving the level of service residents deserve, and continuing to foster a safe environment for our community to thrive. We will continue engaging and educating all community members about the San Dimas Essential Services Preservation Measure and the impacts on City services if voters approve or reject the measure. For additional information on this Measure, the effect it would have on San Dimas’s daily services, and the March 3, 2020 election, please visit or call (909) 394-6210.