Garage Sale

Yard/Garage Sale Information

All San Dimas residents are strongly encouraged to follow public health guidance and do their part to keep themselves and their communities safe through good hygiene practices, social distancing, and other protective measures. For more information and to view the complete Health Officer Order, please click HERE


To submit an application for a Garage Sale Permit and be listed on our Garage Sale Calendar page:

  • Complete the form below and click the Submit button at the bottom.
  • Only your address, sale date and time will appear in your on-line garage sale listing; all other contact information will be used for administration purposes only.

Terms and Conditions

  • All Yard/Garage sales require a permit from the City of San Dimas. There is no fee charged for permits. The permitting process has been developed to monitor local sales.
  • Yard/Garage sales are permitted in residential zones only. The maximum number of sales shall not exceed three in any calendar year. Such sales may not exceed three consecutive days.
  • Yard/Garage sales may not begin before 7 am or extend beyond 10 pm.
  • Signs that are located off of the property in which the sale is being held are not permitted.
  • Application must be received two days prior to the date of the sale.
  • The date, time, and address of approved sales will be posted on the City’s website.
  • The Planning Department is always happy to help you if you have any questions. Contact us at 909.394.6250.