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San Dimas Recreation Center

990 W. Covina Blvd.

San Dimas, CA 91773


Fitness Class 

Our classes are conducted by professional certified fitness staff and are offered various times throughout the day to meet your needs.

Aqua Fit – Enjoy a full body workout that is easy on your joints in our heated shallow pool.  Incorporates cardiovascular and strength training. All fitness levels welcomed.

Ball & Sculpt –This class uses resist-a balls and free weights to give you a total body, high energy workout. Strength, flexibility, and core stabilizers will be emphasized. Balls and weights are provided. Wear tennis shoes and bring a towel or yoga mat. All fitness levels welcomed.

Cardio Dance – This class was created for developing cardio-vascular capacities, agility and coordination. Simple dance steps accompanied with cheerful music help to burn calories and boost your mood. All fitness levels welcomed.

Cardio & Strength Class- This class is a combination of cardiovascular and strength training exercises performed in circuits (different stations) and intervals (30 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest) using hand weights, step benches, resistance tubes and jump ropes.  Participants work at their own fitness level and modify exercises when needed.

Hi/Low Impact Aerobics- Start warm-up followed by 25-30 minutes of high/non-low impact aerobics with toning and stretching.

Low Impact –This class is designed for muscle strengthening, endurance and flexibility.

Step & Sculpt – This class is a cardiovascular workout using a four inch step bench.  Basic and intermediate step moves are combined to create low and high intensity routines.  Hand weights are used for strength training and floor exercises are included to work abs, back and legs. All fitness levels welcomed.

Stretch and Tone – This class will work-out your whole body. You will go through a total body sculpting and stretching using stability balls, weights, and resistance bands.

Senior Stretch & Tone – You will increase your aerobic endurance with fun dance routines. The class utilizes hand weights, resistance bands and floor exercises are included to work your abs and to stretch.

Yoga – This gentle class is ideal for beginners and those that are looking to build strength, balance, flexibility, and learn to relax. Practice on an empty stomach or 2-3 hours after a meal. Bring a yoga mat.