Urban Forestry

The City of San Dimas recognizes the value of the trees that comprise the community forest. It is for this reason that the City has dedicated itself to the preservation, proper maintenance and continued enhancement of the community forest. There are over 9,000 City trees throughout San Dimas that are a community asset which provides environmental benefits, add to property values and contribute significantly to an enhanced quality of life for all San Dimas residents, business owners and visitors.

There are many benefits to having a healthy, well-maintained community forest, including helping to reduce the “heat island” effect which results from having extensive amounts of unshaded hardscape, conserving energy by reducing cooling costs, significantly increasing property values, slowing down harsh winds, muffling street and traffic noise, and providing shade and overall beauty to the community. Trees improve the environment in which we live by moderating the climate, providing oxygen, filtering out particulate matter from smog-laden air, conserving water, reducing erosion, and harboring wildlife within the urban setting.
It is the goal of the City to enhance the community forest through preserving and properly maintaining existing tree resources to the highest industry standards, planting a diverse selection of trees in viable, vacant sites along city streets, at city facilities and in city parks, implementing a public education program to promote the awareness of public trees and establishing and updating the Community Forest Management Plan. The Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for providing the daily management and emergency services which sustain our community forest. The department provides forestation, maintenance services, oversees all contracted and permitted work on City trees and is the primary resource for residents who contact the City with concerns and questions about trees.

If you would like to request pruning, planting or removal of a community tree, please email: Parksrecreation@sandimasca.gov  to submit your request or contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 909.394.6230. City staff will evaluate your request and inform you as to the status.

Municipal Arborist, James "Jim" Robertson 909.394.6273