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Tree Permits

Public Tree Permit

Private Tree Permit

Oak-TreeMaintenance and planting of community trees are performed by the Parks and Recreation Department. On occasion, a community member may wish to plant, prune or remove a community tree themselves. Title 13 of the San Dimas Municipal Code sets the conditions for the acquisition of a permit for any work involving Community trees. No person shall plant, prune, root prune, apply pesticides or otherwise disturb any Community tree without first obtaining a permit.

Applications for permits shall be made to the Parks and Recreation Department on the form provided. Any business wishing to acquire a permit for tree work must provide an official copy of a current City of San Dimas Business License at the time of application. The Parks and Recreation Department shall issue the permit if the proposed work is desirable and the proposed method and workmanship are performed to the standards defined under the Maintenance Guidelines described in the Community Forest Management Plan. Any permit granted shall contain a date of expiration, and the work shall be completed in the time allowed on the permit and in the manner described in it. A permit shall be null and void if its terms are violated. There shall be no fee attached to a tree permit. Other information provided to permittees shall include a copy of this permit policy, as well as any other details or standard plans related to the work that is to be completed. Permittees shall be required to have a copy of the permit, and of a current San Dimas Business License (if applicable), present at all times at the work site. Work undertaken by the permittee or their agents may be stopped immediately, and the permit may be revoked by oral or written order of the Municipal Arborist if it is determined that the program of work or conditions outlined in the permit are not being complied with. If you wish to apply for a permit, please fill out the Tree Permit and return it to the Parks and Recreation Department. You will then be contacted by the Municipal Arborist and informed regarding the status of your permit.

Private Property Trees

In 1990, the City Council adopted Ordinance No. 913, which serves to preserve and protect any mature significant trees growing in the City. Any tree defined as a mature tree requires a permit before any major topping, cutting, or removal. A tree may only be removed or relocated due to disease, development on the subject property, or health and safety concerns affecting the general public. The owner of a property must first obtain a tree removal permit, application form, from the Development Services Department before removing or relocating any significant trees(s) from their property. Failure to do so can result in fines or criminal charges being filed. Click here for information and applications about private property trees and tree preservation.