What are Zones?

Zoning divides the land in a community into different areas or “zones.” Zoning regulates what uses can go in what zone. For example, housing goes in areas zoned for residential uses. The goal of zoning is for neighboring land uses to be compatible with one another. Residential uses, for example, generally are not compatible with industrial uses.

Zoning rules can also set building and other standards. Examples include standards for building height, setbacks, parking areas, signage styles, and landscaping. Zoning rules may also say how much of a certain use is allowed (for example, a density of 4 residential units per acre).

Sometimes certain kinds of uses within a particular zone are allowed, but only with special conditions and/or restrictions and public review. The “Conditional Use Permit” process is an example of this situation.

Click HERE to download the Zoning Map. This full-color map indicates where certain land uses are permitted.

For More Information
For further zoning assistance, contact the Planning Division at 909.394.6250.

To Learn More:
  • California Planning Guide: An Introduction to Planning in California (Office of Planning and Research, December 2005). Click HERE to download the guide.
  • San Dimas Zoning Code, Title 18 Zoning. Click HERE to go to the municipal code lookup.