Plan Checking

Simply put, plans are required to provide an agreed-upon design that meets the minimum standards of the City. All modifications or corrections are done on paper avoiding misunderstandings and costly revisions in the field.

Plan Review Process

Plan Review Process Flowchart

Plan Requirements

Three sets of plans are required. The type of plans and the level of detail will vary based upon the scope of work. Plans typically consist of:

  • Plot plan showing the location of the proposed construction.
  • Foundation plan indicating slab and footing details as well as framing attachments.
  • Framing plan indicating all framing details, dimensions, insulation, wall coverings, roofing, etc.
  • Elevations showing how the proposed construction will look from the outside.
  • Show compliance with minimum energy efficiency standards.
  • Basic electrical, heating and air and plumbing layouts.
  • If your neighborhood has a Homeowner’s Association (HOA), then you’ll need to get their approval stamp on plans before submittal to City.  Check your deed restrictions (CC&Rs) and HOA requirements before submitting for plan check.


Plans are checked for compliance with the latest adopted California Codes, as amended by the City of San Dimas:

Please see the Codes Page for more information.