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City Elections


The City Council is made up of a Mayor and four Councilmembers, for a total of five members. Each election three people are elected to the City Council. Two City Councilmembers are elected to four-year terms and the Mayor to a two-year term. San Dimas citizens choose these positions at large. The offices of Mayor and City Council are non-partisan.

In September 2015 the State Legislature passed Senate Bill 415 eliminating the ability for cities to hold stand-alone elections and requiring them to consolidate with the County run elections. To bring San Dimas in compliance with this new requirement at the October 24, 2017, City Council meeting, the City Council passed Ordinance 1258 consolidating its election with the Los Angeles County for the March 2020  election; moving from the first Tuesday in March of odd-numbered years to the first Tuesday in March of even-numbered years. This change also affected the office terms for the Council extending all incumbents terms for 12 months.

What this change will mean for residents:

The Los Angeles County Elections Official will manage all of the voting processes

  • County will hire poll workers
  • County will designate the polling centers (polling locations)
  • County will issue all ballots
  • All ballots are returned to the County

What this change will mean for Candidates:

  • The City Clerk’s Office will handle the filing of nomination papers (qualifying candidates).
  • All voter listings and data must be obtained from the County
  • Ballot counting will take place at the County
  • Monitoring the vote count will be at the County
  • Semi-final and final results may not be known until the following day or weeks

What’s Coming for Elections?

California began rolling out an election system in 2018 that includes voting centers. These centers will be located throughout the entire County allowing voters to vote or turn in a ballot at any center within their voting county, so if you live in San Dimas but work in downtown Los Angeles, you can turn your ballot into a voting center near your job. Every registered voter will automatically receive a mail-in ballot 28 days before the Election Day.

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