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C2019-05 Avenida Entrada Et Al Street Improvement Project

CC2019-05 Avenida Entrada et al Street Improvement Project includes the reconstruction of Avenida Entrada from Calle Linda to Paseo Corrido, as well as of Calle de Oro, Calle Espana, Calle de las Flores, and Calle de Armonia and segments of Paseo Corrido, including Calle Arcano. The project is estimated to cost $1,100,000 and of that cost, $600,000 is SB 1 (Gas Tax) funded. Other funding includes various Residential Street (Measure R) and general funds.


The project consists of 140,000 square feet of pavement repairs using approximately 4600 tons of asphalt concrete. As part of the project the existing sewer main trench will be repaired to mitigate further settlement by removing native backfill and recompacting with imported granular material. The project also includes construction of a new cross gutter at Calle de las Flores and the upgrade or replacement of ADA compliant ramps located within project boundaries. Streets will be fully reconstructed and a stronger section of asphalt will be replaced.


The reconstruction of Avenida Entrada will make use of environmentally friendly construction processes to lessen its carbon footprint. Where possible, the construction will entail Full-Depth-Reclamation (FDR) which recycles the existing asphalt concrete and underlying aggregate base/soil material. The existing pavement will be pulverized, mixed with cement, and rolled into a stronger sub-base; left to cure for approximately 5 days per phase and closed to traffic. Following the cure time this base will be overlaid with a 5-inch section new asphalt pavement. The asphalt mix selected is a high stability Intersection mix that has increased resistance to common pavement distresses. The FDR process was selected because it provides solutions to mitigate the poor subgrade, increase the capacity of the roadway, limit conflicts with existing utilities and extend the life of the new pavement while shortening the construction duration and impacts to residents compared to other available processes.


The extent of full street reconstruction work will be very invasive and disruptive due to severe pavement degradation caused by existing ground conditions and that Avenida Entrada is a critical corridor for the residents in this neighborhood. A project of this scale and magnitude will experience unavoidable traffic delays, one directional traffic flows, and inconveniences to residents during the project. Due to the FDR process, residents on Avenida Entrada will not have vehicular access to their driveway for approximately a 5-day period to allow for the cement treated base to cure. The project was phased for this project Public Works Staff has taken the unusual step of contacting every homeowner on Avenida Entrada to discuss the restricted access, where they can park during construction and the construction impacts.


We have tried to minimize the inconvenience as much as possible but want to thank the residents for their patience and cooperation as we work to improve the neighborhood.

Project Update: 


  •  Public Outreach Meeting (click to view meeting information) on Thursday, July 25, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. at the Via Verde Country Club (1400 Avenida Entrada).  


 For any questions or concerns related to this project please contact the Public Works Department at (909) 394-6240